Getting your children kitted out for nursery or school is certainly a costly business- especially as they keep growing! Keeping track of their belongings can be tricky and if not impossible. The only sure way to success is to success is to have everything clearly marked with good quality name tapes and printing that are durable and long lasting. Even so, this does not always work, especially if (for example) you leave your child’s hat and gloves on the car roof and drive off! Nevertheless getting everything taped is definitely recommended and Name it Labels in Taunton is ready to help…

The stark facts

In 2017, Hello magazine ran a survey amongst 1,000 mums about lost property and the results were frightening!

Mums found that they were spending £1,589 replacing items lost by their kids before the age of ten- and nearly two days in total looking for them’.

Researchers working on the survey found that the average child lost or misplaced 483 between the ages of three and ten years. The most commonly lost items included jumpers, hats and cuddle toys. Importantly, about 60% of the missing items which included expensive items such as pieces of school uniform including coats and blazers, as well as text books, were never found again. Four in ten mums admit that they have had to replace the same item repeatedly.

A lesson learned

As well as the financial loss and inconvenience to parents; losing an item can be a traumatic experience for more than half of children. 35% of all children don’t even consider the possibility of losing their things. Having said that, many mums feel that experiencing the loss, does teach children about the value of things and helps them to teach their children how to care for and be responsible for their clothing and other items.

The perfect solution

For more than one hundred years, woven name tapes have been used to personalise and identify items of clothing and much more. Woven name tapes are still popular and a requirement of some day and boarding schools, but iron-on name labels definitely have their fans as they do save lots of time and in recent years their quality had improved so much. Specialists like Name It Labels also have other types of labels in their range to ensure that all items of clothing and stationery plus school bags, school and lunch boxes can be clearly marked with your child’s name in a fun and colourful way that your child will instantly recognise.

Perfect ways to mark every item.

Name It Labels are made to the highest quality to ensure that they are durable and the company is so confident,  that they give a 100% guarantee for both their iron-on and stick-on labels.

To ensure that all of your child’s kit is protected from ending up in ‘Lost Property’, use the following list for guidance, so nothing gets forgotten….

School clothing

For all items of school clothing Name It Labels has a good selection of traditional woven labels in three widths- 8mm, 12mm and 23mm – and each label can have a maximum of 30 characters including spaces. There is a selection of writing styles and colours available which helps children recognise their name label instantly.

There are really good quality iron-on labels available too. Name It Labels iron-on labels almost fuse onto the fabric, which ensures that they look good and stay in place forever! Both types of name labels are safe in the washing machine and the tumble drier.

All shoes

Shoes are one of the most frequently lost items in schools and can be tricky to label effectively. Help is at hand in the form of some really good shoe tabs that are colourful and clearly marked with your child’s name and fit snugly inside the back of each shoe.


Stick-on labels are the ideal way to mark your child’s name on non-clothing items and the range available is practical and fun too! There are large and small labels, available with both a coloured or white background, as well as rectangular or round monogrammed name labels. To add an element of fun, there are labels with motifs too which include cars, footballs, rainbows and princess crowns! All stick of these labels are both dishwasher and steriliser safe.

Lunch boxes and flasks etc.

Brightly coloured personalised lunch boxes and water bottles are both practical and fun and certainly the perfect way to keep packed lunches safe! Colourful and personalised pencil cases are great too – especially filled with smart personalised colouring pencils.


All items of sportswear can be easily marked using sewn-on or iron-on labels and the large sized woven ones are perfect for stitching on the outside of sports shirts. Shoe tabs can be popped inside sports shoes too.

Bags for every occasion!

Colourful personalised cloth bags are very versatile and are particularly good for sports and trainers plus dancing clothes and art overalls. Smart personalised rugby boot bags are also available.

With so many effective ways for marking your children’s clothing and other items, no wonder Name It Labels has the slogan – ‘Helping Parents Get Organised’ and certainly the company wants to help reduce the loss of £1,589 of kit by your child in the coming years. It will be interesting to see if the latest technology of ‘step shoes’ will become widely. These shoes contain a GPS chip and keep track of the whereabouts of your child at all times….