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Our Home Organisation stickers are made to last, made with high quality materials they’re long lasting, super durable and all 100% waterproof. Choose our wheelie bin stickers to let the street know where your bin belongs, or use them to label your recycling and non-recycling!

If you’re looking for identification stickers then choose one of our address stickers which can have your full name and address ensuring all of your lost items will be returned.

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  • wheelie bin stickers

    Wheelie Bin Stickers

    From £3.00

    Love it or Loathe it – recycling is here to stay so why not use our Wheelie Bin Stickers on all your wheelie bins and recycling boxes to ensure you always get yours back!  A must for every household.

    Our bin stickers are 100% waterproof and weatherproof, simply peel and stick onto your wheelie bin, recycling box, food compost container, garden rubbish bin or an ordinary household bin to make sure they find their way back to the correct home.

    Wheelie bin labels come in a choice of label colours and print options, you can even add a cute little picture if you fancy.

    Essential for communal rubbish areas or just busy roadsides.

    Labels will usually be dispatched within 3 days.

  • address stickers

    Address Stickers


    Bright and bold and guaranteed to stand out, our address stickers or property identification stickers are super useful and great for using on your personal correspondence, or naming things that you frequently lend out such as books, DVDs etc.

    Customise with, for example, “property of Miss Johnson” for a great practical gift for your child’s teachers.

    Dispatched within 3 working days.