Woven Sew in Name Tags

Woven sew in name tags are available in 3 tape sizes including 8mm, 12mm and 23mm deep.

We recommend the 8mm or the 12mm deep sew in name tag for school uniforms and clothing. Whilst the 23mm deep name tag is more popular for naming sports kits on the outer layer of the garment. If you need easy application then our label fasteners are perfect for you.

Please note that the length of our woven sew in labels vary according to the length of the name. If you have a long christian name or surname we recommend you use your first initial and surname.

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  • 539e

    Rainbow Woven Name Labels – 8mm deep

    From £10.00

    Sew in name tapes are still a very popular way to name your children’s clothing for school, nursery, or residential trips.  Now available in a rainbow weave making it even easier for everyone to know who things belong to.

    At 8mm deep and with a maximum character restriction of 30 including spaces, this sew in name tape will be slightly longer than the actual name.

  • sew on name tags

    Sew on Name Tags – 8mm deep

    From £9.00

    Prefer the more traditional method for naming kids clothing and school uniforms? Our 8mm deep sew in name tape is by far the most popular woven name label when it comes to naming clothing and the school uniform.

    With a maximum character restriction of 30 characters including spaces, the woven name tape will be slightly longer than the actual name.

    There’s also a choice of fonts available to choose from.

  • woven name tapes

    Sew on Labels – 12mm Deep

    From £15.00

    Slightly deeper at 1/2 inch (12mm), this woven name tape is great for naming the outside of sports kit as it’s more durable and tough, or just for those of you who prefer a larger woven name label.

    A really high quality woven name tape which is 100% colourfast and none fraying.

    Please note that the woven name tape will be slightly longer than your required name and print will always be in CAPITAL LETTERS only.

  • 30e

    Sew on Nametapes – 23mm Deep (1 inch)

    From £9.00

    There will be no mistaking who things belong to, when named with this 1 inch (23mm) deep woven sew in name tag.

    More popular for naming sports kit or bedding, but none the less still a very popular sew in name tag.

    Name will always be in CAPITAL LETTERS only.

  • 2-541e

    Sew in Name Label Fasteners


    Love the traditional woven name tapes but can’t face hours of sewing. Rivets are the quick and easy way to attach woven name tapes into clothing by riveting them onto the existing care label. Simply push the spike through the labels and button, and snap the excess spike leaving a smooth finish, no tools required!

    These can be used with any woven name label.