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    Shoe Name Labels

    It’s a fact that children loose things!  Help your child to identify their shoes quickly and easily by using these personalised shoe name labels.

    Gone are the days with boring grey shoe labels .  Name it labels shoe labels come in a choice 8 fantastic bold colour.  And furthermore customers also get a choice of black or white print for the name to be printed in.  We even offer a choice of print style and of course the choice of an optional icon at no additional cost.

    The shoe name labels are semi circular in shape and measure 40mm x 25 mm.  Shoe labels are available in sets of 24 printed shoe labels and 24 clear protective covers.

    They are super easy to apply simply peel and stick the printed shoe label directly into the shoe.  Apply the clear cover provided over the printed label and hey presto job done.   Now even if your child does misplace a shoe, it will be easy for all to see who it belongs it.

    “This shoe belongs to ” and  then your child’s name.
    All text will be in Upper and Lowercase only.

    As the labels are semi-circle shaped and therefore should fit neatly into most shoes.  We recommend that customer position the shoe name label where the heel of the foot would sit.

    Each set of shoe name labels comes supplied with 24 clear protective covers to be used in conjunction with the printed shoe labels.  Should you need to order more clear protective covers click here.

    Name it Labels are a UK owned and operated business based in Somerset.  We pride ourselves on offering great quality products at realistic price.


    Apply the printed shoe label inside the shoe where the heel of the foot would be sitting

    Apply the protective clear label supplied with shoe labels, over the top of the printed label

    Press down or rub firmly over label to ensure it really has bonded 

    2 reviews for Shoe Name Labels

    1. 5 out of 5


      Have used these for a few years now and they are amazing. Recently tried some cheaper ones, which my 3 year old pulled out easily and said "yuk" because they were plain (and easily removed!)rnYou pay a bit more for these, but they are amazing, cute and colourful and easy for them to read (really helpful at nursery etc).Also, wanted to say that i just washed daughters pe trainers and assumed id have to replace the stickers, but was amazed to find they were stuck on and not even begun to peel off! Fantastic quality and would recommend everytime.
    2. 5 out of 5


      Brilliant, large ,easy to see and read , easy to put in.

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Shoe Name Labels

Bold & colourful shoe labels

By using shoe labels you can be confident that your children will always be able to find their shoes without any fuss.

Using only the best materials we ensure that our shoe labels will still be in the shoes at the end of the school year. Each set comes with clear shoe protectors so the print will not fade over time and remain visible for as long as possible.

Shoe labels are essential when it comes to naming school shoes, trainers, sports shoes and indeed all types of footwear.

In a choice of label colours, print types, text colours and with an optional icon, it is clear to see why Name it Labels are a parents first choice when it comes to naming items for home and school!

  • Label measures 40 x 25mm
  • 24 Printed Shoe Labels per Set
    • Choice of Label Colours
    • Choice of Print Types
    • Optional Icon
    • FREE Shoe overlay labels in every set
    • Printed in the UK


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