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    Name it Labels offers a wide variety of  name labels for school.  Now it is easy to identify personal items for children at nursery and school.  Our white name labels are also extremely useful for adults who may be in residential care or just for using around the home for home organisation.

    This classic white waterproof name label is ideal for all ages and comes with a choice of print colours, print types and you can even add an optional icon.

    Name it Labels  was established in 2002 and provides practical solutions for naming everyday belongings.  Our name labels are printed on long lasting, durable quality vinyl.

    Our classic white name label measures 50mm x 10mm and comes as a set of 50 or 100 printed name labels.  In every pack for name labels for school we also provide 12 or 24 clear protective shoe cover labels.  Simply put the printed label where the heel would sit in the shoe and then apply the clear label over the top.

    Name labels can be applied to anything with a smooth hard surface.  100% waterproof, dishwasher and microwave safe.

    Don’t come un-stuck with any other name labels –  stick with Name it Labels ® !

    Name it Labels ® UK design and print in the UK.  Worldwide delivery.


    Vinyl Stick on Name Labels – Application Instructions

    Apply label to a clean, dry, smooth surface.
    Products which have a high silicon (non-stick) or textured surface may not be suitable.

    Press down or rub firmly over label once applied to ensure the label has totally bonded.

    Position the label where it will be in the least contact with human hands.

    Allow a minimum of 48 hours before washing product.

    Remember to use the clear protective covers supplied with your printed label when naming shoes.  This ensures the print will not be worn away


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Name Labels – White

White Stick on Name Labels

Simple yet still effective, our white stick on name labels come with a choice print colours, print types, designs, and of course an optional 2nd line of text.

Naming personal property is an absolute must, especially for items that leave the home.  With clear easy to read print, there will be no more lost property!

A practical name labels for kids and adults.

  • Label measures 50 x 10mm
  • Sets of 50 or 100 name labels
    • 100% Waterproof
    • Dishwasher & Microwave Safe
    • Steriliser Safe
    • Choice of Print Colours & Types
    • Up to 2 lines of text
    • Optional Icon
    • Printed in the UK

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