Mention ‘school name labels’ and you will definitely get a reaction! Many older people will vividly remember hours spent laboriously sewing endless name labels onto pieces of school uniform before the start of the school year. If your child was heading off to boarding school that meant double the work as all weekend clothes and other possessions had to be clearly marked too! Whilst name labels are still essential, luckily labelling all your child’s school kit is now much quicker, easier and fun as there are some great labels to use!

Woven name labels have long been the traditional way to identify items of clothing. J & J Cash (later called Cash’s) a Coventry-based textile company started making personalised embroidered name labels in the 1870s. The labels became very popular, so much so, that the company opened a branch in Connecticut in 1905 and name labels have remained the cornerstone of the business.

Since then, whilst woven sew on labels have continued to be popular, iron-on labels have become firm favourites as they save so much time! Over the years, the design of iron-on labels has much improved and various other types of label have also entered the market- making preparation for the new term much easier!

 In 2002, a dynamic new company called Name it Labels opened in Taunton with the slogan ‘Helping Parents Get Organised’ and it is certainly true to its promise as it has a great range of name labels to suit every need imaginable. Its range of products includes all types of name labels that are high quality so that they last and are quick and easy to use – instantly identifying your child’s belongings. Name it Labels are reliable and durable for parents and have distinctive funky designs much loved by children- so definitely a win-win situation!


So let’s take a look at the great range of Name It Labels:

Traditional woven name tapes. 

Many people still like seeing school uniform marked with traditional woven name labels and some schools actually insist that this type is used. The selection offered by Name It Labels is great because there are three widths to choose from and a selection of print and weave colours too – and if you can’t decide, what better than rainbow coloured letters on a white background! The labels feel really good quality and definitely look just as smart after numerous washes.  The name labels are available in widths of 8mm, 12mm and 23mm – with the latter being primarily made for sports kit. Each label can have a maximum of 30 characters including spaces. There is a selection of writing styles and whilst most are only in Upper Case letters, lettering style 2 is also available in lower case letters- perfect for easy name recognition by younger children.


Iron on labels

Iron on labels have certainly improved considerably over the years and Name It Labels are so proud of their range that the company offers a 100% guarantee on its iron on labels! The earliest iron on labels were not good because they were woven like sew-on labels and although they had glue on the reverse side, more often than not, the label would simply fall off!

Over the years, there have been experiments with different fabrics and glues to get the best combination possible. Today, the iron on labels are great and come in a variety of colours and styles to make them instantly recognisable. Name It iron on labels are almost fused onto the fabric, which means that if they are applied properly and held in place long enough, they will never come unstuck! Name It iron on labels are top quality and are 100% safe to use in both the washing machine and tumble dryer.

An interesting question often posed to Name It Labels is how to get iron on labels off if you want to pass school clothes onto friends – the simple answer is that it is almost impossible and the quickest solution is to cover the personalised iron on label with a plain white iron on label!


Stick on labels

Stick on labels are the perfect way to put your child’s name on non-clothing items and are so much fun too! You can choose from large and small labels, coloured or white as well as monogrammed name labels, either rectangular or round which look really snazzy. If you are labelling kit for younger children, there are labels to choose with great motifs including cars, footballs, rainbows and princess crowns!

All stick on labels are dishwasher and steriliser safe and Name It Labels offers a 100% guarantee on all its stick on labels.


Other great personalised items too.

Name It Labels has some great ideas for other personalised items that will be useful for your children. There are colourful shoe tabs to fit inside their shoes and equally colourful shoe bags to pop sports trainers and sports kit in. If they are aspiring rugby players, what better gift than a personalised rugby boot bag?  Personalised lunch boxes and water bottles are both practical and fun for school lunch breaks. At the start of each new academic year, all children enjoy choosing a new pencil case and what smarter option than one in your favourite colour with your name emblazoned across the front? Name It Labels has smart personalised pencil cases and sets of personalised colouring pencils to pop inside.

Fed up of not knowing where you bin has got to on bin day? We are also now stocking stick on bin label numbers.


Name labels- perfect for so much more!

Whilst identifying personal clothing and other kit is essential for school children, there are other uses for personalised name labels. If you are at college or uni or have a house share

personalised name labels can avoid mix ups with the laundry. Name labels are also the perfect way to identify sports clothing and equipment too.

If you have an elderly relative moving into a care home, it is essential to use personalised name labels on all their items of clothing as it will be cleaned in a laundry. Because Name It Labels offers a variety of colours and font styles, you will be able to create the perfect and colourful name label to use. As well as names, room numbers or other reference numbers can also be embroidered onto the labels.

Name it Labels, your one-stop shop for getting clothes and possessions named……….