Name it Labels is your ‘go to’ specialist company for all the personalised name tapes, lunch boxes water bottles and shoe bags that your children need to keep their possessions safe at school, but did you know that Name it Labels can add a real ‘wow’ factor to children’s parties too?

Organising your child’s birthday party can be quite daunting because there is just so many different aspects to think about including the theme for the party, the range of party foods to serve, the table design and the best party games to play. Trying to come up with some clever and original ideas that make your child’s party just that little bit different and rather special is certainly the biggest challenge of all!

Fun personalised stick on labels

Name It Labels can certainly help you plan a very special party that will delight your child and all their guests! The first idea is to use personalised stick on labels to bring colour and fun to this special occasion. The labels can be used as decoration for the birthday table and on party bags in fact, they work really well on any hard surface. The stick on labels are available in a great range of colours and can be decorated with a variety of logos including cars, rainbows, unicorns and footballs, which is perfect if the party has a theme. There is a choice of shapes for the labels too including some eye-catching circular designs and the stick on labels can have your child’s first name and their age marked brightly on them. Another design choice is to choose labels that have a coloured patterned border with a white area in the centre marked with your child’s name or age or both!

The perfect gift bags…

Think of gift bags for party guests to take home and Name It Labels has a really great idea!   Why not choose a sturdy 100% cotton gift bag that can be used long after the birthday party is over? The bags are available in a variety of sizes and a rainbow of colours and the bags can be printed with a design that can mirrors the theme of the party – for example, a spaceship or dinosaur.

Alternatively, the bags can be printed with each child’s name boldly emblazoned on the bag. with the first letter of their name covering much of the bag and the whole name written underneath. For example, a bag for a child called Hannah would have a king-sized ‘H’ emblazoned on it with the name ‘Hannah’ clearly printed immediately below. This is a very special gift idea as it will bring so much pleasure for so long afterwards and will be treasured rather than quickly discarded – parents will appreciate it too as the personalised bag can be used to carry gym clothes or swimming gear as well as on numerous other occasions.

A special way to say thank you…

If you decide to make your own ‘take-home’ party bags or gifts to give to guests as they leave the party, The Name It Labels party stickers are a lovely way to say ‘ thank you’ when used to decorate the take home gifts. These labels can be personalised with a choice of colours or motifs and are ideal as in all the chaos of parents arriving to collect their children and speedily departing, it is only too easy not to have the chance to say thank you for their lovely birthday present.

And clever gifts to tuck inside!

If you are trying to think of a rather unusual gift to pop inside the party bag for your guests, how about a door decal sticker or wall sticker? Either can mirror your party theme, for example, a rainbow or dinosaur. The wall stickers are made in a high-quality matt vinyl, so not only will they look good, they will last. Because the stickers are matt, they actually look as though they have been carefully painted – what a great gift idea and one that will prove very popular!

Other gift ideas from the Name it Labels range include personalised water bottles, pencil cases and colouring pencils. You can order any of these with confidence, knowing that they will delight the recipient as children love feeling that something special belongs just to them.  Another great idea is to give each child is a tee-shirt. The tee-shirt can mirror the them of the party in the choice of colour and motif and will be a real hit with all the children. For extra fun, they can wear it throughout the party too.

A clever idea for birthday presents

If your child has been invited to a friend’s birthday party, it is no doubt just one in a stream of invitations! The amount spent on birthday cards can soon add up, so why not opt for a clever solution to the problem?  It is easy to create your own” personalised gift label” which can be colourful and eye-catching as well as being very personal. Personalised gift labels are practical too as they are stuck directly onto wrapped presents or gift bags and cannot come off. The lucky birthday girl or boy will definitely know who their gift is from as (unlike a card taped onto the gift), there is no chance for the stick-on gift label to fall off or go missing.

Children’s birthday parties and so much more…

Although we have focused on children’s birthday parties (probably because they are so numerous!) all these clever ideas can be used for celebration parties for grown-ups too! As well as milestone birthdays, other special family occasions when the Name It Labels range of goods are perfect to use, include Christenings, engagements, weddings and wedding anniversaries.

You can buy with confidence too because all the items in the Name It Labels range are colourful and made with quality to last. You can shop in the comfort of your home and place your order online, knowing that it will be processed efficiently and soon be on its way back to you.

Why not check out the Name It Labels range and be inspired!