Stick on Name Labels

Name it Labels offers a large collection of stick on name labels, name tags and shoe labels for naming children’s belongings at nursery, school, home or residential care.

All of our stick on name labels are suitable for anything with a smooth hard surface and come with full application instructions, if you need clothing labels please see our iron on labels.

Using only the very best material ensures that our stick on name labels are durable, long lasting, scratch resistant and 100% waterproof.   Designed and printed in the UK.

Browse our extensive range of stick on name labels below.

  • 678eLarge Name Labels - Features

    Large Name Labels

    From £9.00

    Naming belongings has never been so easy. These stick on name labels can be applied to anything with a smooth surface. Our large classic name label is ideal for younger children and comes in a range of fab colours, different designs and up to 2 lines of text.

  • Short Name LabelSmall Name Labels - Features

    Small Name Labels

    From £9.00

    Not too big, but big enough for clear identification.  Our original short name label offers an easy, effective, and inexpensive way to name everything that leaves the home. From nursery to primary school, school trips to overnights stays, make sure everything is clearly named with our best-selling classic name label.  Tried and tested by many since our launch in 2002, this short name label won’t let you down!

  • White Name labelsWhite Name Labels - Features

    White Name Labels

    From £9.00

    Simple yet still effective, our white stick on name labels come with a choice print colours, print types, designs, and of course an optional 2nd line of text.

    Naming personal property is an absolute must, especially for items that leave the home.  With clear easy to read print, there will be no more lost property!

    A practical name labels for kids and adults.

  • mini stick on name labelsMini Name Labels - Features

    Mini Name Labels


    Mini name labels are ideal for naming all those small things that we all loose from time to time.  It is often the small things we misplace the most.

    So if you are looking for name labels for naming things like pens, pencils, swimming goggles, toothbrushes, craft scissors or even an asthma inhaler, then the mini name label is the one you need and you will be using it time and time again.

    So now even the smallest of items can avoid the lost property basket!

  • monogram name labelsMonogram Name Labels - Features

    Monogram Name Labels


    Monogram labels are the newest addition to our stick on name label collection.  With your chosen name in the centre of the label, and your initials at the end.

    Available in a selection of really fab colour combinations and with a choice of print types, each set of monogram name labels really is unique to every individual.  A great name label choice for older children and adults.

  • round monogram name labels

    Round Monogram Name Labels


    These stunning monogram stick on name labels are a real winner with older children and adults. Gorgeous in design and yet still ever so practical by making belongings easily identifiable for everyone to see!

  • shoe name labelsShoe Name Labels - Features

    Shoe Name Labels


    By using shoe labels you can be confident that your children will always be able to find their shoes without any fuss.

    Using only the best materials we ensure that our shoe labels will still be in the shoes at the end of the school year. Each set comes with clear shoe protectors so the print will not fade over time and remain visible for as long as possible.

    Shoe labels are essential when it comes to naming school shoes, trainers, sports shoes and indeed all types of footwear.

    In a choice of label colours, print types, text colours and with an optional icon, it is clear to see why Name it Labels are a parents first choice when it comes to naming items for home and school!

  • multi coloured name labels

    Multi Coloured Name Labels

    From £12.00

    Not sure what colour label you need? Then why not order a multi coloured pack of name labels.  Choose from five different colours for your label and font. Please note that the yellow and white label always come with black print for easy reading.

    The large name label is great for younger children, making it super clear for them to spot their belongings. Whilst the small label is great for children aged 7+ onwards.

    Long lasting, super durable and suitable for naming anything with a smooth hard surface.

  • Just print true blue

    Just Pink and True Blue Name Labels

    From £14.00

    Popular among so many, is our true blue and just pink stick on name labels. Only available in our large name label size, you simply choose if you want a themed pink or blue set of labels.

    Your chosen set will contain a lovely mix of your preferred label colour and print colour along with the chosen design and text.

    Made from the highest quality vinyl, make name labels from name it labels durable and long lasting. A classic design and suitable for all ages.

  • designer name labelsDesigner Name Labels - Features

    Designer Name Labels

    5 out of 5
    From £14.00

    Simply peel, stick and name everyday items that are often lost with one of our stunning designer waterproof name labels.  With a choice of designs , print types and colours, your name labels will be a unique as you.

    Waterproof name labels offer the perfect solution for naming children’s drink bottles, lunch boxes,beakers, Tupperware containers etc.

    Using name labels is the easiest way to keep track of items that can so easily can get misplaced or lost.

  • round stick on name labelsRound Name Labels - Features

    Round Name Labels


    Our super cute round name labels come in vast selection of colours and with or without an adorable icon! Give your belongings an identity with name labels from name it labels.  And like all our stick on name labels these are just as durable and long lasting as all our stick on name labels.

  • White Name LabelsClear Stick on Name Labels - Features

    Clear Stick on Name Labels

    From £9.00

    Clear stick on name labels are the easiest way to name belongings in a discreet way, as when applied all you will see is the print and not the entire label.   A fantastic choice for adults and older children.

    Super durable and long lasting our clear stick on name label is suitable for naming anything with a smooth hard surface, such as lunch boxes, sports equipment, drink bottles, books, rulers, etc.

    With no maximum character restriction, a choice of print colours and print types you really can make your name labels as individual as you.  Up to 2 lines of text is available, which is handy for adding a contact room, school or class name etc.