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  • Pink Lunch Bag with Pink Bright and Heart Icon

    Name with Optional Icon Lunch Bag


    Personalised school lunch bags make it easy in a busy household to know which lunch bag belongs to which child when sorting out lunches for the day ahead.  There will be no mistaking who this lunch bag belongs to with its clear easy to read print.

    Our simple name with icon design is suited works best with just the christian name.  Your chosen name will be printed in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS and you can add an icon at the end of name if you wish. Please note that the longer the name the smaller the text will be.

    Available in a choice of bag and print colours, making this insulated lunch bag bespoke to you.  Personalised school lunch bags make fantastic presents for a child starting school or nursery.

  • Personalised Dinosaur Lunch Bag

    Personalised Dinosaur Lunch Bag


    Dinosaur lovers will be thrilled with their very own personalised dinosaur lunch bag.  Perfect for using at nursery, school or whilst out on day trips.  There be will not mistaking who the lunch bag belongs to, with its easy to read print on the front of the lunch bag.

    A personalised dinosaur lunch bag make a welcome gift for Birthdays, Christmas or someone starting school.

  • mrs and mrs luggage tag
shown here in

    Mr & Mrs Luggage Tags

    From £8.00
    The ideal gift for honeymooners are our personalised Mr & Mrs luggage tags. Naturally as you would expect they are personalised with the surname and as an optional extra you can even add the da...
  • personalised better known for coaster: shown here in navy print

    Personalised Better Known for Coaster


    A personalised coaster makes a wonderful little keepsake for everyone.  Can be used at home or in the office, making it very versatile and something that will be used.

    Available in a choice of print colours.  You simply tell us the name you would like printed on the coaster and then up to 4 things you believe this person is known for.  Finally so the recipient can remember you, your chosen name will be printed at the bottom. Try to have a mix of long and short descriptions to make it look more appealing.

    A personalised coaster makes a great personalised gift for teachers, coaches, Father’s Day, Mothering Sunday or Birthdays.

  • personalised storage tin

    Personalised Storage Tin – Splat Design

    From £13.00

    Following on from our best selling splat luggage tag comes this really useful personalised tin.  Available in a choice of lid colours with coordinating splat colours.

    Personalised with your text.  With up to 2 lines of text available.  You could have your child’s name and what is to be kept in the time, or perhaps child’s name and school or class.  The choice is yours.  Please be aware that the longer the text/message the smaller the print will appear.

    These metal tin are ever so practical and could be used for many things.  The obvious being a pencil tin, or perhaps as a container for small toys.  If you have a daughter they are great for storing all those hair accessories.

  • hashtag storage tin  with pink hashtags.

    Personalised Hashtag Storage Tin

    From £13.00

    Super practical and something that will be used time and time again.  The hashtag design is ideal for any social media fan.  Simply tell us the chosen name to be printed and then you have up to 6 hashtags to describe that person.

    Our personalised hashtag storage tin makes an unusual gift for any occasion.

  • personalised tin box

    Personalised Definition Tin

    From £13.00

    We all have things we do or say that define who we are.  This personalised definition tin box is designed to have the person’s name or title and then up to 6 things that define this person.

    A personalised tin box has so many uses and suitable for all ages.  Children could use it to keep small toys , colouring pencil or hair accessories together.  Whilst adults might use as a receipt box, handy box for nails and screws, nail varnish box or desk tidy.

    Makes a really thoughtful gift for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays or even an End of Year Teacher present.

    Available in 2 tin sizes and with a choice of print colours.

  • personalised teachers gifts

    Personalised Best Teacher Tin Box

    From £13.00

    Show your appreciation for your child’s teacher by giving this personalised teacher tin.  We all know teachers have a stash of pencils, special marker pens and even stamps and we think our personalised best teacher tin is just the thing to keep them all neatly in one place.

    We personalise the tin with the teacher’s name, class or school and of course your child’s name and the year.

    Makes a perfect end of year teacher gift.  You could even fill the tin with sweets or chocolate to make it extra special.

  • personalised tin box

    Personalised Tin Box – With Icon

    From £13.00

    With so many uses you will wonder how you managed without a personalised tin box.  Great for kids to keep small toys,  colouring pencils, hair accessories or even swap cards all in one handy place.  And adults could use for a receipt tin, sewing box etc, sweetie tin etc.

    We offer this tin in 2 sizes and with a choice of coloured lids.  You have up to 2 lines of text available and the option of an icon.  Please note that the longer the text, the smaller the print will appear.

    Makes a wonderful gift for so many occassions.

  • decorative tin

    Personalised Decorative Star Tin

    A timeless personalised decorative tin which a suitable design for children and adults. The metal tin comes with a fitted lid.  The white lid is beautifully decorated with colourful stars and you ...
  • large star initial pencil case

    Large Star Initial Pencil Case


    Our large star initial pencil-case comes in a choice of pencil-case colours and print colours for the star.  Customers can add up to 2 initials which will appear in the middle of the star.

    The pencil-case is particularly spacious and measures 28 x 19 cm and comes with a zippered main compartment to keep the contents secure. Made from high quality polyester making it strong and durable.

    Usually dispatched with 3 days.

  • personalised large named pencil case

    Large Named Pencil Case for Kids


    Children love to see their name in print and this bold print is  fantastic for children of all ages.  Suitable for both boys and girls.  The pencil case comes in a choice of colours and of course print colours.  Simply choose your options below and tell us what name you would like to have printed.

    Your chosen name will be printed in UPPERCASE ONLY.  We do not impose a maximum character restriction, please be aware that the longer the name is, the smaller the text will be.