Personalised Water Bottles

Personalised water bottles from Name it labels are brilliant not just for children but also for adults.  More and more consumers these days are choosing aluminium bottles over plastic bottles.   And all our personalised water bottles are made from aluminium.  So do your bit for the environment and purchase a bottle that is long lasting and not plastic.

The bottles are BPA free which means drinks will stay fresh all day long.  Plastic bottles tend to give drinks a peculiar taste   and over time the bottles often need replacing.

Unlike many other personalised water bottles available, we actually print directly onto the bottle.  This way customers do not need to worry about transfers peeling or cracking over time.  Our bottles are scratch resistant and the designs will not fade.  Whilst they are suitable for dishwashers we recommend customers hand wash the bottles.

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated , not only does it help to remove toxins, energy levels and concentration can be improved by maintaining hydration levels.  And did you know that it can help to prevent cramp whilst playing sport and drinking water is the natural remedy for headaches?

Children especially love to see their name on their belongings.  Personalised water bottles for kids are great for school or sport.   We offer a wide range of designs and styles for all age groups including adults.  The personalised hashtag bottle is great for teachers and coaches and makes a really unique end of year gift.

We currently offer 2 sizes a 400ml and a 600ml and both sizes come with 2 cap fittings. Bottles are not suitable for children under 36 months and suitable only for cold drinks.

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