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    Use clear stick on name labels if you want to name belongings in a discreet manner.

    We find them particularly useful for older children at secondary school.  Or even for adults who wish to name items.  After all it is not just younger children who misplace items.

    Super sticky and very durable.   Our clear stick on name labels come in a choice of print colours and  print types.  And you can even add an icon at no additional cost.  So each set of labels really is as individual as the person using them.   A definite winner for older children or even adults.

    Our name labels are  super easy to apply, simply peel and stick onto a smooth flat surface,  And because they are  100% waterproof, they will withstand dishwashers and sterilisers.  A really useful stick on name for naming lunch boxes, drink bottles, stationery, food containers or indeed anything that leaves the house.

    Our clear stickers measure measure 50  x 100 mm ( 5 x 10 cm).  We do not impose a no maximum character restrictions and up to 2 lines of text available.  So you may wish to a add a contact number, school name or class name.  We can even print accents.

    Please be aware that the longer the name/text, the smaller the print will appear.  If you have a long Christian and Surname it generally looks better over 2 lines.

    As with all our stick on name labels they are not designed for clothing.  If you are looking for clothing labels, we offer an iron on name label or a woven sew in name tag.



    Vinyl Stick on Name Labels – Application Instructions

    Apply label to a clean, dry, smooth surface.
    Products which have a high silicon (non-stick) or textured surface may not be suitable.

    Press down or rub firmly over label once applied to ensure the label has totally bonded.

    Position the label where it will be in the least contact with human hands.

    Allow a minimum of 48 hours before washing product.

    Remember to use the clear protective covers supplied with your printed label when naming shoes.  This ensures the print will not be worn away

    Dispatch Times

    We endeavour to process all orders as quickly as possible.

    Stick name labels are usually dispatched within 3 working days of the order being placed.

    We post all UK orders first class mail using royal mail. Please allow 1 -3 from when you receive your dispatch confirmation email for the product to arrive.

    International Orders are sent via tracked post. You will be sent the tracking number for the items but we cannot give approx delivery times as it varies country to country.

    Post & Packing Costs
    The following charges apply for postage to a UK delivery address.

    £2.00 for any label order.
    Regardless how many sets of labels in the order.

    £3.00 for any order which has a bottle or bag tag  in the order.
    Regardless how many bottles/bag tags in the order.

    £5.00 for any order which has a bag/mug in the order.
    Regardless how many bags/mugs in the order.

    Should you have labels, bottles  & bags in your order, you would pay a flat rate of £5.00

Clear Stick on Name Labels

Great label choice for older children or adults

Clear stick on name labels are the easiest way to name belongings in a discreet way, as when applied all you will see is the print and not the entire label.   A fantastic choice for adults and older children.

Super durable and long lasting our clear stick on name label is suitable for naming anything with a smooth hard surface, such as lunch boxes, sports equipment, drink bottles, books, rulers, etc.

With no maximum character restriction, a choice of print colours and print types you really can make your name labels as individual as you.  Up to 2 lines of text is available, which is handy for adding a contact room, school or class name etc.

Dispatched within 3 working days.

  • Label measures 50 x 10mm
  • 50 or 100 name labels per set
    • 100% Waterproof
    • Dishwasher & Microwave Safe
    • Steriliser Safe
    • Choice of Print Colours & Print Types
    • Up to 2 Lines of Text Available
    • Optonal Icon Available if Required
    • Printed in the UK

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