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    Product Description

    Name it Labels was launched in 2002.  We wanted to be able to offer round iron on name labels that did what every parent wanted “to stay on the garments” and not fall off after one wash.

    After months of trials and rigorous testing we discovered this ingenious material, that was super soft, is heat activated and literally bonds with the clothing or material.

    We still use the same material today for all our iron on name labels, regardless of which iron on label you order from Name it Labels (UK).   So confident with our iron on name labels we offer a 100% guarantee.

    These round Iron on name labels are machine washable at 60 degrees and able withstand tumble dryers, even industrial machines used by nursing homes or boarding schools.  Heat and pressure bond this label to the garment.  Name labels come with full easy to understand instructions.

    Iron on labels make light work out of naming school uniforms – with each label taking only seconds to apply.  Ideal for naming clothing at the last minute for those garments children wish to wear on non- uniform days.  Iron- on labels provides a simple solution to reducing lost property.

    Suitable for naming sports clothing, hats, gloves, socks, bedding and towels – in fact our iron on clothing label will successfully bond with almost any material.  See our tips section for hard to name items.

    Our round coloured iron on name label really does make it easy to know who clothing belongs to.  Clear bold print, makes it easy for children and adults to read and identify garments at a glance.

    Labels come in a variety of colours, with an optional coloured icon and a choice of print colours and styles.    So now you can have iron on labels as individual as the children who use them.

    Name it Labels do not impose a maximum character restriction and will print accents.  Please note that the longer the name or text, the smaller the print will be.

    Don’t come unstuck with any other label company stick with Name it Labels.


    Remove label from the backing sheet

    Position label with print face up, on a smooth part of the clothing.

    Place the non-stick paper (supplied with your labels) over the entire label.

    Remove all water from iron including any water in the reservoir.

    With iron on medium or hot setting (normally cotton or linen) press down FIRMLY for 10 seconds.  Too hot and the print will bleed.

    Allow paper to cool and remove paper.  To check label has been applied correctly you should not be able to feel the edges of the label.  Repeat if needed.

    Allow 3 hours from application to washing.


    Wash any new clothing before applying label – labels not suitable for Teflon coated clothing

    Heat and pressure are the 2 main factors in applying labels correctly.    Press down on the iron to apply even pressure.

    Consider where to apply the ir on on name label, as once applied you cannot directly iron over the label.  Apply to smooth part of garment not the elasticated/ribbed area of a sock, jumper as label may crack.

    Allow 3 hours from application to washing.

    Try to name everything in the same place depending upon the garment.  This way you are looking in the same place for identification.

    Position the iron on label under the elasticated area of the sock, ideally on the inside.  When pairing socks you can easily tell who they belong to.  Do not position the name label on the foot area.

    Nylon Swimmers/Raincoats Etc.
    Iron the label directly onto the manufacturer’s label.  If you are naming something that you would not normally iron, just ensure the plate of the iron is not in direct contact with the garment.  Protect with tea towel or non-stick parchment paper.

    Either on the manufacturers label or directly on the back of the jumper under the ribbed neck

    Polo Shirts/Cotton Shirts/Dresses
    At the top near the neck of the garment

    Either on the waistband or underneath it.

    As these are small and fiddly place the garment on the narrowest part of the ironing board and name just inside the garments.

    On a corner of the garment.

    Please note that the label may take on the appearance of the product.

    Dispatch Times

    We endeavour to process all orders as quickly as possible.

    Iron on name labels are usually dispatched within 3 working days of the order being placed.

    We post all UK orders first class mail using royal mail. Please allow 1 -3 from when you receive your dispatch confirmation email for the product to arrive.

    International Orders are sent via tracked post. You will be sent the tracking number for the items but we cannot give approx delivery times as it varies country to country.

    Post & Packing Costs
    The following charges apply for postage to a UK delivery address.

    £2.00 for any label order.
    Regardless how many sets of labels in the order.

    £3.00 for any order which has a bottle or bag tag  in the order.
    Regardless how many bottles/bag tags in the order.

    £5.00 for any order which has a bag/mug in the order.
    Regardless how many bags/mugs in the order.

    Should you have labels, bottles  & bags in your order, you would pay a flat rate of £5.00

Coloured Iron on Name Labels Round



Choose from our range of colours and designs for our round iron on name labels. Perfect for naming school uniforms, PE kit, coats, gloves, socks, towels, camp bedding, our iron on labels will bond to most materials. Helps reduce the opportunity for lost property.

Our iron on label is made from a super thin, flexible material that literally bonds with the fabric, leaving no rough edges to irritate or annoy. Each label takes only seconds to apply. Full instructions supplied with every set of labels.   WASH NEW CLOTHING PRIOR TO APPLYING. Iron on labels usually dispatched within 3 working days.

  • Label Measures 35 x 33 mm
  • Usually dispatched within 3 working day
    • Available In Sets of 33 or 66 Iron on Labels
    • 100% Washing Machine & Tumble Dryer Safe
    • Choice of Label Colour
    • Choice of Print Colour & Print Type
    • Optional Icon
    • Printed in the UK

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