School Name Labels for Kids Personalised Printed

School name labels are vital for children of all ages for nursery and school.  Our best-selling school name labels are our Back to School combo packs which include iron on labels, personalised shoe labels, and printed sticky name labels for lunchboxes, water bottles and backpacks.

We have a maximum postage cost of £3 per order. Call for expert advice on 01823 451281 or send us a message on our Contact Form.

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Every parent knows that children will misplace items, but by simply naming all of their belongings you increase the chances of things being returned to you.  The back to school name label pack offers excellent value for money at only £10.00 for 30 iron-on labels and 30 stick on labels. It is the ideal starter pack for someone with a child starting nursery or school.

Personalised school name labels help children to identify their belongings,  with clear easy to read print, lost property will hopefully be a thing of the past.

Iron on Name Labels and Personalised Name Stickers

The Iron on label material is truly unique.  It bonds with most fabrics and will not irritate the skin which is especially important for children with eczema.  

Once applied correctly, they are washing machine and tumble dryer safe. No more endless sewing labels onto garments, each iron on label takes 10 seconds to apply.  The iron on label is white with a choice of print colours.

Stick on labels come on a coloured background with black print.  Included with the stick on labels are 12 clear unprinted shoe overlay labels.  These are to be used when naming shoes. Simply put the printed label into the shoe, where the heel would sit, and then apply the clear unprinted label over the printed label.  Stick on labels can be applied to anything with a smooth hard surface, for example shoes, drink bottles, lunch boxes, books, sports equipment etc.

Nameitlabels offer a 100% guarantee on both the iron on labels and stick on labels.  School name labels come complete with easy to follow instructions.

No Character Limit and 2 Lines Of Text for Name Labels

Unlike other label companies, there is no character restriction on the iron on and stick on name labels and customers can have up to 2 lines of text.  This means you can also add a contact number, school or class name if required. Labels measure 50mm x 10 mm. A wide choice of print types is available and at no additional cost customers can also select a fun icon for the labels.  Icons are a great way for younger children to identify items when learning to read.

Nameitlabels is a UK owned and based business and all school name labels are printed in the UK.