School summer holidays will soon be upon us and we will be left wondering where that school year went. A time when teachers and kids rejoice and parents panic or just up the wine intake.

For some parents, the school summer holidays are approached with military precision and for many parents causes stress and constant juggling of childcare.  Whilst other parents simply love the thought of long lazy days with no mad morning school rush, packed lunches to create or daily homework battles.

Personally I always found the first and the last week the toughest!  In the first week, you are all getting used to being around one another, and by the last week, you have  all well and truly had enough of each other.

But whatever your situation, with a little bit of planning, you can all enjoy the summer holidays and look back in early September, content that you have not only survived the holidays, but also created some lovely memories for your children to cherish in later years.  And it shouldn’t and doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Many organised activities get booked up well in advance, so if you are looking to book your children into some activities, be sure to do it sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.  Local sports centers, libraries, theatres and schools offer a wide variety of activities from football camp to theatre makeup lessons.

Why not ask your children to write a holiday wish list of things they would like to do or achieve over the break.   It could be something as simple, as learning to ride a bike (something I never managed to do).  Be sure to build in rest days as well, we all need days when we recharge our batteries.  Don’t forget to look out for vouchers and coupons for entry into theme parks and if you are a Tesco club card holder why not use your points for theme park days.

If you are going away this summer, make sure you can identify your suitcase or bag with ease, by adding one of our personalised luggage tags.  Available in an array of designs and colours to suit all ages. Why not view our range of luggage tags?

But before you know it, the week before school arrives, and we will all be waiting our turn patiently for school shoes to be fitted with children who would rather be doing anything, that having to put on socks and school shoes again and walk up and down the shop to ensure of good fit.

Whilst some things can only be purchased near the beginning of the school year, name labels, book bags, gym bags, lunch boxes, drink bottles, stationery and some sports kit can be purchased in early summer to avoid that awful rush.

We are currently offer FREE Post and Packing to all UK residents.  Valid until 28th June 2016.  So why not take advantage and order your back to school name labels and other essential items.