From the moment you find out you are expecting you start viewing names in a very different way.

There are so many things to take into consideration but thankfully you have 9 months to make a shortlist.

Does it go with the your surname? Does it bring back memories of someone you knew with that name? How will you spell it?   Can the name be shortened?   If so, do you like the shortened version, if not best to remove the name from the list.  There are so many things to take into consideration.

Also bear in mind what the initials will spell out – because  you can be sure children see instantly if the initials spell out something rude or funny.

We see all sorts of names at Name it Labels from lovely vintage names to ultra modern names.  And we love to hear the origin behind the name.

Whatever name you decide on try to remember you are giving your child an identity for life, it will be the first thing people learn about your child and it stays with them for life.  So choose wisely.