Just who are Name it Labels ?  Founded in 2002, it is family owned business based in Somerset.  Tired of buying shoddy iron on labels that simply came off after 1 wash, founder Gillian Fiske set herself the challenge to find something better than what was available at the time.  And equally important something kids wouldn’t mind having on their belongings.

Back in 2002, the only labels available on the market for non clothing items were grey stickers with black print. As parents of 2 small boys, they wanted to offer something funkier and that would last the test of time.  After all who says that name labels need to be bland and boring.

There simply had to be better options available. So the search began for materials to make quality iron on name labels for clothing, that would last longer than 1 visit to the washing machine or tumble dryer.  And something suitable for non clothing items, which would be dishwasher  safe and suitable for many items.

After months and months of searching and testing materials, Name it Labels was launched.  In the early days, production was based in a garage converted into an office. Before long the business was slowly taking over the house and something had to change. The best decision was to have a studio built in the garden.  It is the best of both worlds really, the business is on site, but equally away from the family home.

Unlike many other label companies.  Name it labels  offer a 100% guarantee that the iron on labels and the stick on name labels really will stay on when applied correctly. There is no maximum character restriction and they accents can also be printed.

Fast forward, Gillian is still 100% involved in designing, printing and running the business with a  small dedicated team of staff.  During the busy peak periods, it really is all hands on deck.  When Gillian’s children and husband are roped into to ensure all orders are processed as quickly as possible.

August is always the busiest month of the year and there really is never enough hours in the day.  But funnily enough orders are even placed on Christmas Day.  It is now a bit of competition to guess what time the first order will be placed on Christmas Day.

Over the years customers were asking for more and more products, so now no longer just another label company.  Name It Labels offers everything from personalised name labels for school or nursing homes to luxury weekend bags.  So whatever you are looking for, the chances are Name It Labels offer it.  Furthermore the chances are if they don’t currently stock it,  they will be happy to assist customers with whatever the query.

The same values still apply today to when Name it Labels was launched in 2002.  To only to sell products that the team themselves would happily purchase.  All products are of exceptional quality and at prices that won’t break the bank.   Customer service is key to Name it Labels, with customers coming back year after year and referring friends and family.

Who knows what the next few years will bring, but one thing is for sure.   Name it Labels will continue to help parents solve lost property.  The product range is ever expanding.  The motto is simple if it leaves the house…….. name it!

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