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    Mini Name Labels

    It is not just larger items that benefit from being named.  Use our mini  name labels for naming smaller objects such as pencils, pens, swimming goggles etc.

    At only 42mm x 6 mm they are the smallest  name label that we print and with so many uses.

    Our mini name labels are available in a choice of label colours to choose from and come with black print.  Customers get to even select what print type and we can print accents.  There is no maximum character restriction.  Please note that the longer the name the smaller the print will be.

    Available in a range of sticker colours and print styles.  If you are looking for name labels to name larger items such as shoes, lunch boxes and drink bottles we would not recommend the classic mini label – try our long or short classic name labels.

    Use name labels on:   pencils, pens. asthma inhalers, electronic game cartridges.  Anything with a smooth hard surface.

    Name it Labels have been designing and printing name labels for kids, personalised bags and gifts since 2002.  We like to think that we offer not just quality name labels but a product customers can rely on.

    Apply label to a clean, dry, smooth surface.
    Products which have a high silicon (non-stick) or textured surface may not be suitable.

    Press down or rub firmly over label once applied to ensure the label has totally bonded.

    Position the label where it will be in the least contact with human hands.

    Allow a minimum of 48 hours before washing product.

Mini Name Labels

now even the tiniest objects can be named

Mini name labels are ideal for naming all those small things that we all loose from time to time.  It is often the small things we misplace the most.

So if you are looking for name labels for naming things like pens, pencils, swimming goggles, toothbrushes, craft scissors or even an asthma inhaler, then the mini name label is the one you need and you will be using it time and time again.

So now even the smallest of items can avoid the lost property basket!  Mini name labels dispatched within 3 working days.

  • 60 labels per set
  • Label measures 42 x 6mm
    • Choice of print types
    • Choice of label colour
    • No character restrictions
    • Printed in the UK


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